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An Encounter At The Market

Photo credit: Allnigerianrecipes

It was one of those sunny days in the city of Asaba when I went for a visit to my best friend who was serving her fatherland there.

Now, for those outside Nigeria, Asaba is the capital of Delta state in Nigeria.

A friend of ours wanted me to prepare  ogbono soup. So I decided to go to the popular Ogbogonogo market ( yeah, I know the name sounds funny). On getting there, I got all the ingredients needed for the soup except the ogbono.

In case you don't know, Ogbono is the local name for wild or African mango. The seeds are used in preparing a kind of soup and it is very popular in Nigeria.

Photo credit: Allnigerianrecipes

Okay, back to my encounter. After getting the ingredients, I was to get the ogbono. Each shop I entered and asked for it, I was told it wasn't available.
I was beginning to get agitated cos I was walking under the scorching sun even though I hate going to the market except for my personal shopping.

Finally, (with a sigh of relie…

My First Post

Hi guys, my name is Seiyifa
A graduate of French from the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria.

I am starting this blog because of my love for stories. I am currently awaiting NYSC which makes me often bored staying at home and not having anyone to talk to. I believe I'll be able to free myself here.

We'll be talking about real life happenings, culture, education and so on. I'll also be sharing my personal experiences.

I'll try my best to keep us posted and hopefully we will all be entertained and educated.