14 Reasons You Should be Proud of Being a Nigerian

So guys, today I'll give some reasons you should be proud of being a Nigerian.
I see and hear a lot of peeps complain about why they were born as Nigerians, how they wish they can change things. C'mon , you have to accept things the way they are and learn to love and appreciate your country cos there's no going back. And no I'm not trying to preach. So let's get started.

1. Humor, we Nigerians are very creative in making fun of our situations, from our comedians to the rest of us. We make a joke even out of a disaster and we don't let the disaster hold us down. We are good in sarcasm even among friends and family.

2. We have a rich cultural heritage. With over 250 ethnic groups, you can get the best of culture here without having to travel outside Nigeria. There so many cultures one has to discover even as a Nigerian. I also love our traditional attires. Even when people from other races wear them, they still look beautiful.

3. We Nigerians have no filter. We don't sugarcoat or mince words.We tell you as it is. If you're dumb, fat, stupid, etc, we tell you straight up and the persons don't try to commit suicide. And we also love hard and hate harder.

4. We love family. Our families are very close. We always have a brother or sister somewhere especially someone in authority. And there's some sort of reunion at weddings and funerals. We look forward to going to our villages to meet up with family members especially during the end of a year. Our families are a great support system.

5. I love our solidarity especially on Twitter when another nationality attacks our own. We have no chill and we are Twitter war veterans so don't mess with us.

6. Nigeria has one of the best music in the world. The lyrical content of our music may not be up to expectation but our music is still good. You can get almost any genre of music in Nigeria. Our Afro beats are to die for and the dance that accompanies them, like Shoki, Etighi, Skelewu and now the Shaku Shaku dance.

7. We are energetic and full of life and can be seen in our aggressive approach to life. We are street smart. I enjoy the way drivers throw insults at each other in Lagos traffic and the quarrel between drivers/conductors and passengers, it is a comic relief.

8. Our local delicacies are not left out. My favorite for now are Banga soup with Starch, Vegetable soup (Edikang Ikong), white soup (Afia Efere) and Amala, it's the colour that attracts me to it. Our local dishes are numerous, some may look gross when you see them but after you taste them, they start looking appealing.
And I love how all our party Jollof rice taste the same.

9. We are not racist or xenophobic. We love and care for other Nationalities in Nigeria. We sometimes treat other nationalities better than Nigerians but that doesn't mean we have a low self-esteem, it's just in our nature to treat visitors well even in our various homes.

10. We love and appreciate a lot, even the simplest things in life.
Especially those items purchased, we use them until they wear off completely, we hardly let go. I just love how we argue when someone tells us to let them go. We don't want to hear a product has an expiry date (not edible products).

11. I love the fact that in Nigeria, we don't have to experience natural disasters such as Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Mudslides, etc. We only have man-made flooding which is caused by lack of good drainage system and with good governance in place, we'll overcome that.

12. I love the way we celebrate and our party spirit. We are the life of any party. We always have something to celebrate like weddings, childbirth, a new job, appointment with the government, retirement, death, etc. And there's always food. We always want to turn up.

13. I love the way our mothers behave almost the same and how they advice you when you do something wrong by telling you " whatever you're doing, you're doing yourself not me".

14. And most of all, I love our Pidgin English. There are varieties of Pidgin and I love them all. In my region, South South Nigeria, Akwa Ibom and Cross River States have similar Pidgin, Bayelsa and Rivers State similar, and Delta and Edo States also.
I love how we just add our local languages to the Pidgin especially the the Yoruba language while cursing.
I love our slangs and how we form one them while the next Nigerian just pick up without any form of tutoring.

So this it, some reasons why I'm proud of being a Nigerian and why I love my country.


  1. The Savagery...💯. The beefs(U knw wetin I mean)...

  2. What an interesting post, I think you will stay with you longer.

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  3. This made me smile! I have been to four countries in West Africa and I can tell you they are all very different. Nigeria is amongst the best (I am not just saying this because I am Nigerian). The food!!! Some memebers of ECOWAS need to learn our dishes ahaha. Nigerians are super welcoming! God bless Nigeria


    1. True, Nigeria is really amongst the best and I love Nigeria


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