Dealing with Phobia

Hey guys,

Let's talk about phobias. Do you have any phobia or know of someone with a phobia?

Before we continue, let me share some phobias, some might be ridiculous to you.

Trypophobia - fear of clusters of small holes
Amaxophobia - fear of riding in a car
Nomophobia - fear of being without your phone
Hylophobia - fear of forests
Chaetophobia - fear of hair
Cherophobia - fear of happiness
Heliophobia - fear of sun or sunlight
Hypnophobia - fear of sleep or being hypnotized
Philophobia - fear of falling in love
Ergophobia - fear of work or finding employment.
These are just a few of the numerous phobias. So fam, let me share with you my experience.

I am nosocomephobic, meaning I have phobia for hospitals.
One day,my mum called that I should go see my aunty that was admitted in a clinic.
I couldn't tell her that I was nosocomephobic. C'mon, how dare you tell an African mum that you have some sort of stupid phobia. So I just went to the clinic.

Reaching there, I went to my Aunty's ward. My mum offered to get me coke which I love so much. While waiting for her, I started sweating profusely, my heart was palpitating and I felt like I was going to die if I didn't leave there. My mum brought the chilled coke but I couldn't drink it. I couldn't also leave cos I would have received some scolding.

Finally I left with my phone. On my way out, I was feeling faint and lost control of my movement and fell on my face to the floor. The workers started panicking but I just insisted on going outside

It took me a while before I got myself. Trust me having a panic attack in that situation is not something you'll like. My mum came, and when she saw the swelling on my forehead due to the fall, for the first time, she understood phobias were real.
You won't also believe that the person that made me pass through this, complained of how I didn't sympathize with her when I first went in.

I also have another phobia but I won't say for now. But all I can say is this, it's unfair to treat someone with a phobia like they are embarrassing you. It's not their fault they feel that way and they can't help it also. So please be nice to people with any kind of phobia.

If you have any phobia, you can tell us about it on the comment section or know of someone with a phobia.


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