Friendship can be seen as a relationship between friends. It is the emotions of friends.

A lot of folks have misunderstood the word friend. In this context that we want to talk about, a friend is someone you know well and like. People tend to misunderstand a friend as someone you only talk with, probably a colleague, neighbour, members of the same religious organization, etc.

A friend is someone you love, trust and respect while the person also does same to you. A friend is honest and loyal.

The company you keep, determines what accompany you.

Below are some characteristics of friendship

Trust: There should be a high level of trust in every friendship. You should know what your friend is capable of doing. You can't have a friend that you think is able to snitch on you. As a female, you can't have a friend you think is capable of having an affair with your man.

Respect: It is essential in all friendships. You show respect by being polite and kind. You show respect by seeking their permission before taking certain actions, e.g sharing a private information about them.
There are different ways of showing respect. Show respect whether you're older or not.

Love: There should be love in every friendship. You can't have a friend without loving him/her if not you won't be able to put up with the person's excesses. When there is love, you guys will bond very well.

Loyalty: Your friend must be loyal to you no matter the circumstance. I mean 100% loyalty. You shouldn't be having issues with someone and all of a sudden your friend starts smiling and greeting the person and even becoming ' friends ' with the person when they weren't doing that before. And not like he/ she is trying to mend fences between you and the person.

Defense: Your friend should be able to defend and protect you in and out of your presence irrespective of your backgrounds, race, religious and ethnic differences, etc.

Communication: There should always be a good and clear communication amongst friends.You guys should be calling to check up on yourselves not just when in need. A friend shouldn't only call when he/ she needs assistance.

Edification: Every friendship should be edifying to each party. You can't be in a friendship where there's no improvement in your life. You should learn a thing or two from your friend. A friend shouldn't only be taking from you without giving back especially when they also have little to help with.
Below are some qualities of a good friend

They accept their faults and are willing to learn.

They are sincere.

They take your challenge as theirs.

They share things with you.

They don't back stab.

They don't feel jealous of your success.

They don't spread your mistakes to others.

Meanwhile, there are things that destroy friendship such as self centeredness, jealousy, greed, lack of integrity, pride, etc.

While some nurture friendship like these; care/attention, humility, forgiving spirit, cheerful giving, etc.

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  1. I saw your post on and the thing is that friendship is far stronger than relationship because it is the root or the base of marriage.

    1. That's why it's a relationship cos it's a two way thing


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