Most Embarrassing Moment

Hey guys,

I know most of us must have had one of those embarrassing moments of our lives. That moment where you just want the ground to open up and swallow you. In some instances, it could be funny while in others it could be shameful.

So let me share one of my most embarrassing moments.

I had just finished my secondary education and I had this male friend who lived with his aunt. I used to go there in the afternoons
when the aunt must have gone to her office.

One fateful day, I had gone as usual. Not too long after I reached, we heard a knock on the door, lo and behold, it was his aunt.
We started panicking, looking for where I could possibly hide. And we had to resort to me hiding behind the door.

He opened the door, she walked in and asked why he took long before opening the door and he said he was in the bathroom. She went into her room, went back to the living room and started asking series of questions.

Then his little cousin started telling her about a particular aunty (which is me) in the house and my friend was trying to shut him up but the lil man continued. She asked who else was in the house and my friend denied that there was someone else in the house. She just walked straight to the door where I was hiding, let me just say it verbatim. Who are you? Come out come out.

Yeah, my time was up. I walked out shamefacedly cos this lady knew my family very well and I felt she would tell my parents about it. Besides, I knew the awkward feeling I would get whenever I see her. Anyways, I hurriedly left the house without her uttering a word after seeing me.

So guys that's it, one of my most embarrassing moments. Come to think of it, I believe someone must have hinted her about my visits and how I leave with his laptop (Lol).

You can also share yours on the comment section.


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