Remembering the Holocaust

Hey guys, today is International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the victims of the Holocaust and the theme for this year is Holocaust Remembrance : Our Shared Responsibility.

It is our duty as humans to love and respect our fellow humans. Talking about the Holocaust, it was the period around 30 January 1933 - 8 May 1945 that around 6 million European Jews and members of some groups like Gypsies and homosexuals were murdered en masse.

Adolf Hitler saw the Jews as inferior. These people were segregated. Camps and ghettos were established for them.

They were denied of basic amenities and the Jews were deprived of German citizenship. A law was even introduced that it was illegal for Germans to marry or sleep with a Jew. Their wealth were taken from them.

Churches also provided birth records of Jews to authority so that they could be identified. This goes to show the amount of hatred these people received.

Children were targeted the most because if they grew up, they would give birth to another set of Jews.

There were extermination camps where the victims were transferred to for mass execution. They tricked them into entering gas chambers for execution.

Thinking about the Holocaust really breaks my heart. There are still some people facing persecution because we believe they are quite 'different' from us and if opportunity is given to the extremists, they would commit another genocide like the Holocaust. Extremism plays a major role in this. We should try to be logical when dealing with our beliefs so to prevent any future genocide.

Whenever you want to hate on someone cos you feel the person is different from you, ask yourself this question, how would I feel if I were the person being treated this way ?

Say no to racism, violence, antisemitism, etc.

Remain loved.


  1. I've read so much about Holocaust; and each time I do, I usually cry inside Can't believe the kind of persecution they went through. And there are still people going through this persecution in the world, let us always keep them in our prayers.

    1. I believe this never really happened. Real events do not suppress investigation. Why is it illegal to deny the holocaust in so many European countries? Why does Germany and Poland make it illegal to investigate the holocaust happenings? Real events do not fear the truth. The JFK assassination is the most researched murder in human history, and we know Lee Harvey Oswald did it; but if the holocaust occurred, why not allow it to be investigated? I have more one that lie as well. First they are fake jews the real jews are the so called African Americans we came over here in slave ships about 400 years ago and things they did to us are unbelievable way surpassed this and we are still in slavery systematically. Those people are santin in the flesh. Plus they are the richest people in the world, an control and run almost everything. These white people which are fake jews and identity thieves are the center of white supremacy. So if we take a look at what the fake jews (who call themselves Jewish) got out of the holocaust we clearly see that the jews clearly on another layer of lies every year too keep the money flowing and this my ladies and gents is the holohoax theory. Let's not forget that the number 6 million was used by jews as early as the 1920's.....


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