Movie Review : June (the movie)

First of all, this movie is a Nollywood movie produced by Chinney Love Eze and directed by Desmond Elliot not the Hollywood 2015 June movie.

The movie centers around June a wedding planner who is in search of love.

Before going to see this movie, I had thought it was one of those over hyped Nollywood movies and I didn't plan on going to see it but a friend of mine insisted we go see it and I agreed since I had extra cash to 'waste'.

The movie is a romantic comedy and trust me it will crack you up especially if you have a mum like June's mum. The cast portrayed their roles very well.

Now this movie is a reflection of our society. A single female approaching the age of thirty or past thirty is believed to be married and if not so, becomes a thing of worry especially by our mothers. And also having those boyfriends that are not ready to commit but will be leading you on. Even as a female, you start having silly thoughts like you having a spiritual problem or probably jinxed.

Cons of the movie : not much except for the scene of the wedding between Toke (Toni Tones) and Dewale (Vector da Viper). Considering the calibre of people getting married, the guests were not it at all. I was expecting to see something better but most of us at the theatre were disappointed.
Aside from that, it's a great movie. I actually watched it twice. If I were to rate it between a scale of 1-100, it's gonna be 87%.
If you've not seen this movie, you should try to. Recommended for everyone.

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  1. Where can i download it

    1. You can't download it yet, if you're in Nigeria you can visit any cinema close to you

    2. Okay. Thanks much.

  2. check on youtube with my link


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