Only in Nigeria Moments II

So I said I was gonna continue the only in Nigeria moments and this is it. You can find the first post here.

1. Eating on the roadside by our politicians. This thing can be funny and annoying. It is one sure way to win the hearts of their followers. And the media team is always available to capture the moment which later becomes newsworthy. The elections are forthcoming and you'll soon see this all over the media.

2. One thing that is peculiar to Nigeria is the use of generators due to our poor electricity. So almost every household owns a set. At night, your generator will go off and you'll go out to check the problem but find nothing wrong and as you're entering your house, someone will just follow you inside and that's it, robbery. So if you're in Nigeria and your generator goes off at night, just forget about it and stay indoors cos you might not like the outcome. There have also been cases of assassination through this method.

3. "Oga drop something". You'll hear this around our security personnel and hoodlums. This is a way of reminding you to tip them. And you'll also hear "your boys are loyal" .

4. Another silly thing you experience in Nigeria is our police officers randomly calling a stranger, especially a guy walking on his own to look for something incriminating on his phone and then asking him to bail the phone (Lol).

There are so many others but maybe I'll share them some other time.
Thanks for reading and help me share the post.


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