7 interesting Facts About French Language

Hey guys, this post was supposed to be for yesterday but I couldn't do that because I was ill and I'm sorry about that. Yesterday was French Language Day and in case you don't know, I'm a French graduate from the University of Uyo.

So let me tell you a bit about myself, studying French was initiated by my dad and I agreed. Even when I changed my mind my parents almost crucified me. That wasn't really my passion but I'm still grateful and if given another opportunity, I'll do it again. I also met different people from other schools while I did my Language Immersion Program (LIP) at the CENTRE INTERNATIONAL DE RECHERCHE ET D'ETUDE DE LANGUES (CIREL) at VILLAGE DU BENIN, Lomé, Togo.

So here are some interesting facts about French Language.

1. French language is spoken in all the continents of the world and it is taught in every country.

2. French language has influenced English language with words like déjà vu, voilà, coup d'état, etc.

3. French is a language used a lot in the fashion world. Words like eau de parfume, haute couture, faux fur, faux locs.

4. With knowledge in French, learning other languages like Spanish, Portuguese and Italian won't be difficult. Know this
Spanish - ción
Italian - zione
Portuguese - ção.

5. Some French words originate from other languages like
Italian (balcon, bambin)
Spanish (adjudant)
Portuguese (autodafé, acajou)
German (trinquer, képi, sabre)
Japanese (kimono)
Arabic (baobab, alcool, algèbre)
English (pull-over, parking, week-end).

6. There's also a way of speaking the language called verlan. This is simply inverting the syllables of a word to form a new word with same meaning, all thanks to la jeunesse (the youths).'Verlan' is verlan for the word l'envers which means reverse in French. It is an example of the process. Other examples are; femme - meuf, merci - cimer, etc.

7. Those signs you see on French words are called accents. There are 5 types which are :
the cédille - Ç
the accent aigu - é
the accent circonflexe - â, ê, î, ô, û
the accent grave - à, è, ù
the accent tréma - ë, ï, ü.

So this is it guys, you can drop your comments on the comment section and thanks for reading.


  1. Bonjour! I lived in Senegal last year and my french really improved I will learn this language it is a must! There are just too many rules in French hahaha. And French speakers are so adamant to correct you if you make the smallest mistake hahahha.

    Merci pour ce (I hope i said this right)


    1. Really too many rules. It's merci pour cette pièce


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