Celebrating Women

"Achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls is the unfinished business of our time, and the greatest human rights challenge in our world."
— UN Secretary-General, António Guterres

The International Women's Day is a day set aside by the United Nations to celebrate women in all spheres of life.

This year's theme is #PressForProgress but the UN has a separate theme which is "Time is Now : Rural and urban activists transforming women's lives".
It is important for us to remember this day.

Since time immemorial, real women have been known to transform lives. In this part of the world where I come from, women with husbands singlehandedly raise their kids even when the father's are financially capable of doing that. But instead they go lavish their money elsewhere. These women are worth celebrating.

A woman bears the burden of a family and caters for the education of the children and when they become successful, the fathers spring forth from nowhere to reap what they did not sow.

A man impregnates a woman, she carries the pregnancy to full term and gives birth via caesarean section, she's not seen as a 'real woman'.

As a female, you point out the inequality between the male and female gender, you are termed as a bitter, lonely 'slay queen'.

A woman's success is not worth celebrating when she's not married. And she's believed to have compromised values in other to be successful.

Many men see their wives as slaves and they say it's made that way by the Creator even when He made the female a help meet which means you work in hand with her.
I don't know how things got this bad but it is our duty as humans to educate the people around us about the rights of females. We should all try to be activists in our own little way.

Judge less and give credit when it's due. Time is now to appreciate and celebrate our hardworking women. Press For Change when you see the need to.


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