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12 Misconceptions Ladies Have About Men

There are some misconceptions most females have about men. When I say men I mean real men, not babies in masculine form.

Here are the truths about these misconceptions. Bear in mind that these are not true about all men since we are all created differently.

1. All guys are the same. No, they are not all the same and they do not all cheat. Some also change from cheating. It's a thing of the mind.

2. Hitting on them. It might interest you to know that guys like it when ladies hit on them especially the shy ones. It doesn't make you look cheap, but to some African guys, they think it is not African like even though deep down they love it.

3. Men just want sex. That's not true except as a lady you're using it as a tool for manipulation or don't have any other value to add. They also want to commit but with the right person.

4. That men are not emotional. That's not true, they also cry like ladies and want to cuddle too. It's also easy for guys to fall in lov…

What You Must Know About Autism

Hey people, every April 2nd is World Autism awareness day and today we are talking about it.
Autism refers to a developmental disorder that shows lack of social interaction and communication.
Autism can be diagnosed by a team of specialists or psychiatrist who works with autistic persons.

Before researching on this topic, I had believed that people with autism are practically handicapped like you hold them around and they can't do anything without someone's assistance. There are some people that have never heard about autism.

Autistic people are not all the same that's why it is referred to as autistic spectrum. They only share certain personality traits. It can be mild or acute. One way to help them is by first accepting them, especially the kids.

They may have challenges with expressing empathy effectively but that doesn't mean they don't have at all. You just need to understand that they are special. They mostly feel empathy towards those they relate to and ha…

Showing Love

Happy Easter guys! And to my French people, Joyeuses Pâques. Today is the day set aside by Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This is a season of love. It is because of love Jesus laid down his life for us. But in the world today, love is lacking.
How many of us can lay down our lives for our friends or loved ones? How many of us make sacrifices by putting the welfare of others before ourselve?

I'm not talking about the romantic love between two people who are in a relationship. People are not willing to show it but want to receive it. Around us, we see some wealthy people having poor neighbours and not wanting to help them but instead oppress them.

Personally, I feel good whenever I assist someone in need no matter how little. Though most times I don't show it, inside of me I feel elated.

Genuine compliment given to a random stranger can brighten them.
Your words of encouragement can also uplift someone. Sometimes, all what a person in distress needs…