12 Misconceptions Ladies Have About Men

There are some misconceptions most females have about men. When I say men I mean real men, not babies in masculine form.

Here are the truths about these misconceptions. Bear in mind that these are not true about all men since we are all created differently.

1. All guys are the same. No, they are not all the same and they do not all cheat. Some also change from cheating. It's a thing of the mind.

2. Hitting on them. It might interest you to know that guys like it when ladies hit on them especially the shy ones. It doesn't make you look cheap, but to some African guys, they think it is not African like even though deep down they love it.

3. Men just want sex. That's not true except as a lady you're using it as a tool for manipulation or don't have any other value to add. They also want to commit but with the right person.

4. That men are not emotional. That's not true, they also cry like ladies and want to cuddle too. It's also easy for guys to fall in love.

5. Believing that men love baby talking and acting cutesy. They don't like it when adults behave like little girls. Some girls try too hard to be extra cutesy presuming guys like such behaviour but in reality they don't.

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6. Acting helpless. Some ladies think this is sexy but in the true sense of it, it's not. Though we are the weaker vessel but you don't have to take advantage of that and act like a vegetable.

7. Excessive makeup. Most ladies think men love it when they look all dolled up but that isn't the case. They (not all) love simple and natural look or makeup. Most times they feel you're trying too hard. You can get all dolled up if your partner likes it.

8. Thongs and g-strings. It will shock you as a lady to know that these set of panties are overrated. So my fellow ladies, don't try to kill yourself by getting these panties to impress a guy cos it might not turn out as expected.

9. Flirting with other guys makes the other jealous. Most ladies feel when they flirt with other guys, it makes their partner or a man jealous. Sorry to say but this doesn't work for most men rather it turns them off.

10. That men are intimidated by successful ladies. Not all are, only immature men get intimidated by a woman's success.

11. Wearing high heeled shoes. Men love it when you look good on them, but if you can't walk in them, it becomes a huge turn off.

12. Skimpy outfits. They don't have anything against it but constantly trying to adjust it not to expose too much it's like you're having a mind battle and it becomes annoying.

So ladies, have these in mind and also note that these doesn't apply to all men. You can also help share the post.


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