Showing Love

Happy Easter guys! And to my French people, Joyeuses Pâques. Today is the day set aside by Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This is a season of love. It is because of love Jesus laid down his life for us. But in the world today, love is lacking.
How many of us can lay down our lives for our friends or loved ones? How many of us make sacrifices by putting the welfare of others before ourselve?

I'm not talking about the romantic love between two people who are in a relationship. People are not willing to show it but want to receive it. Around us, we see some wealthy people having poor neighbours and not wanting to help them but instead oppress them.

Personally, I feel good whenever I assist someone in need no matter how little. Though most times I don't show it, inside of me I feel elated.

Genuine compliment given to a random stranger can brighten them.
Your words of encouragement can also uplift someone. Sometimes, all what a person in distress needs are words of encouragement.

Whenever you find yourself in a position to help, do it. Not because the person is worthy of your assistance but because it's the right thing to do. Even when you can't render it yourself, you can get help elsewhere. Now I don't mean financial help alone.

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