What You Must Know About Autism

Hey people, every April 2nd is World Autism awareness day and today we are talking about it.
Autism refers to a developmental disorder that shows lack of social interaction and communication.
Autism can be diagnosed by a team of specialists or psychiatrist who works with autistic persons.

Before researching on this topic, I had believed that people with autism are practically handicapped like you hold them around and they can't do anything without someone's assistance. There are some people that have never heard about autism.

Autistic people are not all the same that's why it is referred to as autistic spectrum. They only share certain personality traits. It can be mild or acute. One way to help them is by first accepting them, especially the kids.

They may have challenges with expressing empathy effectively but that doesn't mean they don't have at all. You just need to understand that they are special. They mostly feel empathy towards those they relate to and have established relationship with. And sometimes their empathy is intense. Some don't identify only facts very well. According to one autistic lady concerning the 9/11 attack, she said; "when the world trade center towers got flown into, I didn't really care. It was just an image on a screen and I really didn't understand why I had to miss my soap to watch this again and again. However, I was profoundly moved by all the real human stories that I could identify with that were shown afterwards".

Extreme reaction to loud sounds is common among them. Some don't like being touched. Some of them try to build themselves to understand body language and talks.

Having a relationship with an autistic person might be difficult at first, but when the person senses your love, you gain his trust and loyalty. Some (adults) are asexuals.
If they tell you three to four things and you get upset, they may not be able to figure out which of them got you upset.

Some have really built themselves that you wouldn't easily know about their autism unless they tell you themselves. Satoshi Tajiri, the person behind Pokémon is autistic. It is also believed that Albert Einstein is too.

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Autism is not witchcraft, cos in Nigeria, you're labeled a witch or cursed if you don't fit into what society sees as 'normal'. Let's talk about it and try to create awareness. You never might know who you're helping. If you're autistic or know anyone with autism you should try to educate those around you and also be a great support system. Some are diagnosed at adulthood.

If you've encountered someone with autism or have a close relative with it, you can share your experiences on the commend section.


  1. Thanks for this wonderful article. It's a blessing to my daughter

    1. Awwwwn, I feel honoured. You're highly welcome

  2. Great post!!!! Thank for establishing that it is not witchcraft. Some people are so ignorant. I have met some really awesome autistic people in my life. They just learn and do things differently. This need to be shared more.


    1. Thanks for visiting. I've never met an autistic person and I'm looking forward to meeting one

  3. Remarkable article. It's awe-inspiring. Knowledge is indeed power. Thanks dear


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