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8 Ways to Deal with Stress

Stress is not something one should go through though some could be for motivation. It can make you frustrated and also look like a mean person if the person next to you doesn't understand that you are stressed out.

It is important to know the cause of one's stress so as to know how to deal with it. Even life changing event such as weddings and job promotions can cause stress. But in all you do, you should know that no one is perfect.

Here are few tips to deal with it

1. Try going for a short walk to get fresh air as this will help to clear your head and make you feel better. You know there's something about nature,itgives you a certain calmness.

2. You should try to sleep more. Lack of sleep can contribute to stress. And also, stress can disrupt our sleep. So make your bedroom comfortable enough to sleep in.
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3. Try talking to someone you you trust. Stress can make you not see things clearly. So talking to someone about how you fe…