8 Ways to Deal with Stress

Stress is not something one should go through though some could be for motivation. It can make you frustrated and also look like a mean person if the person next to you doesn't understand that you are stressed out.

It is important to know the cause of one's stress so as to know how to deal with it. Even life changing event such as weddings and job promotions can cause stress. But in all you do, you should know that no one is perfect.

Here are few tips to deal with it

1. Try going for a short walk to get fresh air as this will help to clear your head and make you feel better. You know there's something about nature,itgives you a certain calmness.

2. You should try to sleep more. Lack of sleep can contribute to stress. And also, stress can disrupt our sleep. So make your bedroom comfortable enough to sleep in.
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3. Try talking to someone you you trust. Stress can make you not see things clearly. So talking to someone about how you feel can help reduce the tension you feel. You know that saying, a problem shared is a problem half solved, yeah it works.

4. Create a to-do list and prioritise your activities just like a scale of preference. Take note of the ones you can carry out yourself and the ones others can help you with.

5. When stressed out, it's better to get a driver because there are different kinds of frustration on the road that could also add to your own stress and you might want to succumb to these which could lead to a disaster.

6. One way to relieve ourselves from stress for the extroverted is by clubbing. Dancing is one amazing form of exercise. Even watching other people do their thing in the club can be fun. Sometimes, watching a drunk person display is also a funny scene.

7. Going to a karaoke can also help relieve stress. Singing helps release endorphins which are the feel good hormones. It doesn't matter how bad your voice is, singing can make you feel good. If you've ever visited a karaoke bar you know how fun it is over there. If you can't visit a karaoke bar, you can also stay in your comfort zone and download karaoke apps to your mobile devices.

8. Aromatherapy (scented candles and oils) is another way of relieving stress. Having a warm bath with scented oils can be very effective likewise adding a massage. You can ask the help of someone to give you the massage. Also investing in a pack of scented candles is a great idea. These candles come in different scents for different results and they have this calming and relaxing effect.

You can combine two or more of these tips to relieve that stress.

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  1. Hw can someone cope with school stress and work stress?

    1. Hey dear, thanks for visiting. Like the first sentence up there, some stress you go through are motivational, to give you or have a better life. If you didn't want a better life, you wouldn't have been working or going to school. And if you weren't doing any of these, there wouldn't have been any stress for you. Secondly, in whatever you do, know that no one is perfect, so don't overwork yourself. Having said these, I recommend you go through the post thoroughly and follow the tips carefully, you'll get your answer.

  2. How can someone get rid of emotional stress? Or stress caused by multiple thoughts?

  3. Was educated full time. Thanks dear


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